Updated on 7/1/16 at 7:44pm

Temperature: 88°F Dewpoint: 63°F
Humidity: 44% Wind Chill: 88°F
Wind: SE at 7 mph Heat Index: 89°F
Recent Wind Gust: 10 mph Cloud Base: 6154 feet
Today's Rain: 0.31 in Barometer: 29.83 in and Steady
Monthly Rain: 0.31 in Station Elevation: 1629 feet
Yearly Rain: 2.80 in Current Rain Rate: 0.000 in/hr
Sunrise: 5:21am  Sunset: 7:41pm 
Moonrise: 2:57am  Moonset: 4:54pm 

Today's Highs/Lows
High Temperature: 92°F at 3:52pm Low Temperature: 72 °F at 6:43am
High Barometer: 29.92in at 10:59am Low Barometer: 29.79 in at 6:29pm
High Humidity: 90% at 6:54am Low Humidity: 41 % at 5:28pm
High Dewpoint: 72°F at 11:28am Low Dewpoint: 62°F at 1:00am
High Wind Speed: 18 mph at 6:12pm


Yesterday Highs/Lows
High Temperature: 94°F at 1:54pm Low Temperature: 77°F at 5:15am
High Barometer: 29.90in at 10:29am Low Barometer: 29.77in at 5:14pm
High Humidity: 72% at 5:15am Low Humidity: 33% at 5:42pm
High Dewpoint: 68°F at 10:07am Low Dewpoint: 58°F at 12:15am
High Wind Speed: 21 mph at 2:15am


Monthly Highs/Lows
High Temperature: 92°F on 7/1/16 Low Temperature: 72°F on 7/1/16
High Barometer: 28.20in on 7/1/16 Low Barometer: 28.08in on 7/1/16
High Humidity: 90% on 7/1/16 Low Humidity: 41% on 7/1/16
High Dewpoint: 72°F on 7/1/16 Low Dewpoint: 62°F on 7/1/16
High Wind Speed: 18 mph on 7/1/16


Yearly Highs/Lows
High Temperature: 120°F on 6/19/16 Low Temperature: 47°F on 3/31/16
High Barometer: 30.20in on 2/10/16 Low Barometer: 27.81in on 6/6/16
High Humidity: 90% on 7/1/16 Low Humidity: 2% on 4/25/16
High Dewpoint: 72°F on 7/1/16 Low Dewpoint: -18°F on 4/25/16
High Wind Speed: 35 mph on 4/25/16

  5 Day Forecast  
Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed
Clear Clear Clear Clear Clear
Mostly Cloudy Clear Clear Clear Partly Cloudy
104 107 110 110 107
85 85 86 85 85


  Records and Normals  

Temperature Forecast Normal Record
High 104 107 115
Low 85 82 65

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